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Household Detection Unit HD 01.01

(smoke detector) useful for the control of heating systems of family houses

but also boiler rooms, workshops, or garages.

The self-evalution gas detector HD 01.01/C is the simplest version of the industrial detector of explosive and burnt or annoying or poisonous gases long-established in practice. According to the built-in sensor, it allows one-stage to two type of gas.

On Hd 01.01 models with single-level evaluation allow measurement of a evaluation of explosive methane and annoying carbon dioxide. Thus equipped is especially suitable for monitoring the heating system of the family house for the security of a suitable environment for people in the home.

I. level Warning a II. level Alarm signalization is triggered by triggering a warning audible signal and activating the relay, which can be used to switching the next warning device, but also to switching other respective devices.Relay outputs are without voltage contact. External audible as well as light-signalling devices can be connected to the device as needed

HD 01.01 simultaneous detection CO a CH4
HD 01.01/1 simultaneous detection CO a CH4with relay output
HD 01.01/C CH4 - natural gas or propane-butane
HD 01.01/C-2 CH4 - natural gas or propane-butanewith relay output
HD 01.01/C-A detection CO
HD 01.01/C-2A detection COwith relay output

All these models are equipped with an external power socket and a 12V adpter.


Users manual:


Users manual: